Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18 Completed Custom Orders

I wanted to share with you all of the lovelies that I sewed up today! These will be in the mail tomorrow.

If you are interested in a custom order, you may see all of my fabric options here:

)O( Denelle

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Completed custom orders December 30

I wanted to take a moment to share with you the custom orders I've completed today. :)

First was 2, 8.5" minky pantyliners for Megan S
Adventure Time, Rainbows, Mario for Ashley
Adventure Time and Sleeping Ponies for Samantha M
Mario for Judith F
Sleeping Ponies for Ava E
Wild Rumpus, Lace, and Princesses for Jessica B

I am moving to more of a sewn to order/custom based business. You can find all of my custom offerings here:

)O( Denelle

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Choosing happiness, and crossing off part of my bucket list.

I love exploring. There is very little that I love more than hooking up my camper, buckling my children into their seats, and traveling to different places. There is so much freedom and happiness in it.

Last summer, I bought a 1966 Kit Companion. Her name is Griselda, and she's an adorable little camper. She measures 16' long (tip to tongue), and has a 12' box. She has one full size bed, a dining table that folds down into a full size bed, a closet, an oven, an ice box, and a sink. She lacks a potty, electricity, enough beds for all, and she was seriously damaged in some storms during our cross country move. I have been mourning the loss of the functionality of our camper.

A few days ago, I came up with this hair brained, crazy dream of buying a larger camper (you know, one that has electricity, a fridge, and a potty in it!!), and very thriftily travel the East coast with my family during the summer. It would have to be small enough to be towed by my SUV, but big enough that I could work from it as well. I searched Craigslist a few times, just on a whim, to see how the camper market differed between Oregon and Michigan. All I can say is WOW!! I almost want to start bringing campers back to Oregon to sell, if that says anything! I hadn't really intended on buying anything before winter, but things don't always work out as I intend them too either.

I have to preface this by saying I've wanted an Airstream for as long as I've known Airstream exists. I LOVE vintage. I love a challenge of fixing something, of molding it into whatever I can dream of in my mind. I've often joked with my husband that I will someday have one. Someday far, far in the future, when business is more stable, all the bills are paid off, etc etc. You know, someday when I'm an adult and have all of my stuff together. ;) I routinely search for Airstreams, dreaming of when that day will come, while telling myself it likely never will.

Wednesday, I stumbled across an ad for a 1968 Airstream Ambassador that seemed too good to be true. It is in mostly original condition (it is missing the fridge, most of the flooring has been recarpeted, and the beds and sofa were reupholstered, minimal water damage). I saw the ad when it had been up for just 2 hours. I called the number and left a message, expecting to hear nothing at all back. I did tell my husband that we may be bringing home a new camper sooner than expected, if it happened to be a real ad! He just chuckled at me, and said okay. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from the seller! It was already 7 PM, and I was 89 miles away, so we set up a time for me to pick it up the next night.

The entire night, I had a serious internal debate. I wasn't super ready to buy, it was larger than I wanted, but I've never, ever seen an Airstream in my price range before either. What to do? Put it off until I was "ready?" Take the leap of faith (and a small loan!) and go get it anyways? I found myself wondering, was I worthy of this? Do I work hard enough to justify buying this? Am I worthy of this happiness? I spent 22 hours straight, trying to talk myself out of it (no joke, I didn't sleep over it). I had long conversations with myself, with my best friends, with my husband, with multiple Ford dealerships verifying the towing capacity of my SUV since this was longer, and a bit heavier than I was looking for. I looked for every reason in the world for why I wasn't worthy of something I have wanted for a very long time. I couldn't come up with a reason to say no to myself.

I decided I WAS worthy. I decided there is no "right" time to ever do something, we can only go for what feels right in our soul.

Meet Cerridwen, my 1968 Airstream Ambassador. She is 28' long, 7' wide, and completely unrestored.

Cerridwen, in all her beauty. 

A back view, this is her winter parking place, right next to my house. 

When you walk in, this is the view to the right. The couch folds down into a pretty good sized bed. Not shown to the left, is a table that collapses when not in use. 

The original, functioning stove, and original command center. The fridge is sadly no longer there, and has been replaced with a portable washing machine. We will be relocating the washing machine into one of the rear closets, and bringing back a fridge. The stove will remain original. 

Forgive the darkness of this photo. This is the kitchen area. It is totally original, right down to the plastic inserts in the drawers, and the magazine rack on the side! I thought this was SO neat! Unfortunately, the countertop is thoroughly rotted through. FatherMoonPads has promised to build me a new plank countertop. I am also debating on adding some tin tiles for a backsplash.

In this photo, I am standing in the rear bathroom, looking towards the front of the trailer. There are twin beds on both sides. The previous owner had the beds and the couch "recently" reupholstered, and I will be keeping them as is and just adding bedding.

It has the original thermostat, and these really cool lights above the beds! 

And the bathroom. I think my 5 year old daughter almost cried when she saw it had a potty in it! The water lines need to be repaired, but I will be having a local RV repair shop do that. 

The other half of the bathroom. It's in desperate need of some scrubbing. :) 

I've already decided that Cerridwen will stay with me forever. I will be renovating and remodeling to my taste, not for resale value. I hope you all will follow along!

)O( Denelle

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We have WINNERS!

We have WINNERS!! Winners have been chosen for MotherMoonPads 6,000 fans giveaway. They will all be emailed today, by the entrepreneur behind the item(s) they have won. Congratulations ladies! 

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Congratulations ladies!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's a 6,000 fans celebration!

MotherMoonPads is celebrating 6,000 fans on Facebook with a giveaway! I've invited 8 fabulous female entrepreneur friends to join me. 9 lucky winners will be chosen, 1 for each prize!

Please let me introduce my WAHM friends and the prizes they are offering:

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Blenda, entrepreneur behind The Orange Chair Studio, is offering a $100 gift card to her website. She offers handmade paper lamp shades, night lights, and decorative switch plates.
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Erinn, entrepreneur behind Handmade With Love by Erinn, is offering a custom crocheted hooded cowl in the winner's choice of color (2 colors max, one main color and one contract) in infant/toddler, child, or adult size. (Accent button not available on infant/toddler size). It will be similar to the one shown, but in the winner's choice of colors. Ears are optional. :)
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Erica, entrepreneur behind Talulah Bean, is offering this gorgeous wet bag. This clutch features a pocket lined with polyurethane laminate for laundry-bound pads with zipper closure. It has a coordinating handle with d-ring hardware. All seams are reinforce. This wet bag measures 8" by 6.5" and will comfortably hold 4-8 pads. It is machine washable and dryable. Erica is also including a $10 gift card to her website!
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The grand prize is being offered by myself, Denelle, entrepreneur behind MotherMoonPads. I am offering an instant cloth pad stash, topped with super soft and stain resistant minky. You will receive 18 pads total: 6, 8.5" pantyliners, 6, 10" moderate flow, and 6, 12" heavy flow pads. The pantyliners are backed with anti-pill fleece, the moderate and heavy flow pads are backed with Windpro fleece. The total retail value on this set is $159!
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Becky, entrepreneur behind Bumstoppers is offering one pair of Size large bikini underwear made from the scrundies pattern.. They feature a super fun My Little Pony knit fabric and all finished sergered seams. Waist and legs top stitched. Fits jean sizes 12-14.
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Please play fair, and "like" all of the pages. Winners will be chosen and emailed Monday, October 5th.
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, July 5, 2015

4 weeks ago today, we left our home.

A few months ago, a good friend of mine, Erica of Talulah Bean, encouraged me to blog about the grand journey we are on. A journey of becoming debt free, downsizing to simplicity, taking time for healing, living life, and loving our family. I told her no one would be interested, but she disagreed. So here I am, to share more of our lives.

My last blog post talked about my chronic health issues, and the fact that we were gearing up to make some major life changes to help me deal with them. We needed to simplify, reduce our monthly expenses, and I needed more down time from sewing and business to focus on my health. We decided that a move to a low crime, low cost of living, incredibly low housing costs, small, rural area was just what I needed right now. We decided to move from Oregon to Michigan.

8 PM tonight marked exactly 4 weeks since we drove away from Oregon to start our new life. It was terrifying, and I honestly wasn't sure how I was going to drive away. I wasn't attached to the house at all, but we had built a community of unschooling friends who became like family. We also left behind our eldest daughter, so she could attend the college of her choice. Driving away was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

The trip was long, and hard. My husband drove his small SUV, towing a small trailer with motorcycle and bicycles. I drove my Expedition, towing Griselda, my vintage camper, mattress strapped onto the roof. Everything that we owned, we carried with us. We left much behind, out of pure necessity (a Uhaul was out of the budget and didn't make financial sense, considering the little value that was in our belongings/furnishings). We were planning on sleeping and cooking in Griselda, and had planned to stay in Walmart parking lots to keep the costs of the trip as minimal as possible. (Thank you Walmart, for your generous overnight parking policy!)

We hoped for a monotonous, boring trip. We didn't get it. Instead, we got road rage in Salt Lake City, a blow out in the tire of the camper, after which we found out that Les Schwab actually put car tires on the camper instead of camper tires (They made it right with a refund after the fact, but it was terrifying after the blow out and finding that out!). We had a bent axel on my trailer. We hit some major storms from Wyoming through Indiana. The rain was torrential, and the wind had gusts of 60 MPH plus (which is NOT fun when you are towing, and even less fun when your camper is 49 years old, and has louvered windows that do not stay shut in such wind, causing them to lift up and it to rain inside, causing major water damage inside). We lost our mattress to water damage. My camper is no longer towable. We lost countless boxes that we thought were protected inside the camper, but due to the amount of water damage, weren't. The losses added up to around $4,000. We weren't prepared to take that hit. Griselda will be parked in our backyard, underneath the tree, and she will become a beautiful play house for myself and my littles. I'm sure we will enjoy backyard camping with her. :)

Everything that we own (or rather everything that owns us)

We celebrated our last few miles in Oregon with a beautiful roadside picnic.

Eventually, we made it though, and all was forgotten. It was a tremendous, expensive learning experience. We all grew a little from it, and I made it out of the 5 day, 2500 mile trip still married (haha!). This is our beautiful new house. It's been everything I hoped it would be (which is good, since we hadn't actually seen it when we purchased it! Apparently we like to live dangerously!).

After the trip taking such a huge toll on us, we reopened MotherMoonPads early, just a few days after we arrived. After our children had beds, my sewing area became the priority. It's funny how life goes on like that. I'm thankful that part of the transition was relatively seamless, and pain free.

I have high hopes for our life in Michigan. The summer has been beautiful. I'm sure I will whine a lot in the winter, but the trade offs have been numerous, and positive. This truly is the beginning of the rest of our lives, in what we hope is our forever home and tiny homestead!

PS, There has been a lot of requests to bring back the private Facebook chat group. I've recruited some help with it this time, and you can find it here if you'd like: MotherMoonPads Chat

)O( Denelle

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fibromyalgia and Life Changing Decisions

Since my fibromyalgia diagnosis (which adds to my chronic myofascial-pain-syndrome and 2 prolapses), I've been told I need to accept that pain is just a part of life. 99% of me wants to kick and cry and scream over that. The tiny logical part of me understands that pain is now just a part of life,  and changes need to be made.

My husband also deals with a debilitating anxiety and panic disorder. So we have mom and dad, both with major medical issues, trying to support their little ones while caring for themselves. This can be a frustrating situation, many times. We have been doing the best that we can, with the resources that we have.

With my diagnosis, the realization that I will likely manage these illnesses for the rest of my life has become truth. We knew major life changes had to take place. We moved from Wisconsin to Oregon 3 years ago, and life has been a beautiful struggle for those 3 years. Good jobs here are impossible to find. Housing is incredibly expensive. Cost of living is high. It sure is absolutely beautiful though! I love the mountains, I love the ocean. I had dreams of owning a little piece of land, with a little house, and just being able to live my life. That will never happen in Oregon.

I release that dream. It is with peace and calmness that I recognize it is not viable, and that my life is worth more than struggling to make something happen that will never be. I am okay with this.

I realized my dream wasn't necessarily Oregon. My dream was peace. My dream was actually owning something, not having a huge mortgage constantly hanging over my head, living in fear of foreclosure again. My dream was security. My dream was being debt free, to allow me to sew less, and enjoy life more. This can happen anywhere, provided that it is carefully planned and well thought out.

June 9th, we will hook up my vintage camper, and drive out of Oregon. We have a little 1/2 piece of land with a small 1,000 sq foot house waiting for us. We have a mortgage with less of a balance than my husband's car loan on his 2005 Honda CRV. We have dreams of a peaceful, rural life. Dreams of being able to sit in our backyard, watch our children grow in one place, give them the stability of having a true childhood home.

We had been dreaming of houses for a while. My husband scoured the internet daily, in search of what called to us. We weren't necessarily ready or prepared to buy when we found our house, but everything fell into place, and it happened.

I am so ready for this next stage in my life. I am ready to set my family up for success. I am ready to thrive.